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   Don't Complained!
    Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

A bruised spirit is easily offended. What is a bruised spirit? A bruised spirit is a wounded human being that is in need to be healed. A spirit that is wounded is weak and vulnerable. It is driven by the fear, the fear of loosing its own existence. I say that lashing out is good, for it is a sign that the human spirit is seeking for expression. It is an inherent trait of the human spirit to fight for expression. No force on earth can shut the human spirit with certainty, for it is the breath of God encased in a human body. It wants to affirm its identity, but it cannot do that at the expense of others. It must be willing to look in its own eyes to see a reflection of itself in order to make the right adjustment and change what is not right in it. God gave us a pattern to follow; it is in Christ Jesus. We need to emulate Him, learn from Him, identify with Him; he is the only identity that God wants us to take. He is the life and the light, the light and the truth. A spirit that is bruised must be willing to face the truth at all cost. My job is to bring the truth to people and let it change whatever is false in them. I want people to face the truth, because it makes me sad to see human beings tossed back and forth by every whim of life. Like weeds at the mercy of the wind with no power to control themselves, they react to the world around them. Like puppets with buttons that can be pushed to bring a specific response, they are predictable. Like puppets I see people use childish insults to push other people’s buttons and they respond as if by commands. Their fixation for recognition has weakened them and caused them to loose touch with their inner strength and character. Jesus is the rock that God gave us to anchor ourselves so that we are not tossed back and forth by every whims of nature. He is the unshakeable rock upon which the church is built.

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A Bruised Spirit

To Set at Liberty:them that are bruised

"Blessed are those that are not so easily offended"

Ladder_of_AwarenessAn ego that is bruised is easily offended. The radical Islamic movement is fueled by a bruised ego that is in need to be acknowledged; it is a displaced ego that uses anger as a mean to get attention.
"For that He came, to set at liberty them that are bruised". Can a bruise ego become the source of terror, causing pain and suffering around the world? Yes, this is the story behind radical Islam. They are driven by the need for love and recognition, the Muslim extremist mind becomes fixated on this single need. A mind that is in a state of fixation cannot conform to reality. Only God through love can help free radical Muslims from their state of fixation.


Human beings are driven by needs. It is need that is the motivating factor behind most human behaviors. The need for love, for affirmation, for recognition is a powerful motivation, however, when not fulfilled can drive a person into a state of fixation. Fixation occurs when a person attention becomes fixated on a single need, excluding every other need. It requires an outside force to redirect the attention of that person to other levels of need. Human needs are also levels of awareness. Our awareness of the world around us, our cognitive ability is impeded when our attention becomes fixated on a single need. God wants us to climb the Ladder of Awareness always up to Him in heaven one step at a time or one level of awareness at a time. Jesus is the ladder of Awareness upon which we ascend to God and descend from God. See: Ladder of Awareness



Levels_Of_Awareness Most human conditions that caused pain and suffering to humanity can easily explained by a simple mathematical equation. As Albert Einstein simplified the theory of relativity by using a simple mathematical equation E= mc2, radical Islam is a human condition that can be explained by a simple mathematical formula H = a / n. People are human beings rather they are Muslims or Christians, but some Muslims are bitter because they are bruised inside. They are bruised, because they are lagging behind, held down by Negation. Negation is the cause of many ills in the world. There are only two forces that shape humanity; they are the forces for Negation and the forces for Attainment. Together they shape humanity to what it is today. Conflicts occurs in people’s lives when these two forces intersect each other, simply put in a mathematical formula H = a / n or humanity (=) equal the forces for Attainment (/) over the forces for Negation. When the forces that restrain humanity intersect the forces that seek to propel humanity, we have Breaking Points. These points of conflicts or Breaking Points become the human conditions that we are trying to solve or


Because they are lagging behind in their views and ideas; because of their persistence to stay in the past, because of their inability to perceive reality as it is, they cannot close the gap that separates them with the rest of the world or the Western mind. When dealing with the West, they feel unequal, desperate to preserve their way of life and still want to be treated as equals, they are willing to sacrifice even their humanity to be acknowledged and be relevant. They lash at the Western man for no other reason than to be acknowledged. This is the driving force behind terrorism today; it is a need to be acknowledged, a need for recognition. It is a displaced ego that wants recognition. They don’t want to be left out; they don’t want to be denied; they want to be relevant. Driven by this need, they entered into a state of fixation. They only see and relate to the world through the prism of that need. They will sacrifice their own humanity to fulfill that need. See extreme disconnect; what makes radical Islam so deadly Degree of disconnect.


Too fleeting and too cunning are the works of darkness, no one can yet find a real cause for terror, now you can expose terror for what it really is. I believe that terrorism and its many faces can be reduced to one simple line. "A bruised spirit" It is a desperate plea for recognition that is driving the Muslim extremists to violence against the Western values or the rest of the world, a need to be acknowledged so that they don’t become totally irrelevant. A mind that is in a state of fixation can only become free with divine intervention. “For that He came to set at liberty them that are bruised”. Only with the help of God through love can radical Islam makes the shift from unconscious human beings to conscious human beings, knowing full well the true reason for their actions. Because they are in a state of fixation and not conscious of their condition; they need love to help them break their fixation. Knowledge, understanding is the first step to help them back to the human fold.


Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness I believe that if a man has the guts and the determination to help his fellow human beings face the truth, no matter what the cost, he will have a place in history among the greats. You men of influence; you can reach people with different platforms and give voice to this revelation. This revelation is the truth. I believe that if you take advantage of that fact, you can make a difference in the war against terrorism. You can fight terrorism with a new approach. I believe that you can help defeat terrorism by exposing it for what it is. You can make this happened by contacting people in news paper, magazines and television in order to give voice to this truth, use your influence to convince people to put this revelation out there. Terrorism is driven by a bruised ego; only through love can we redirect it and transform it. There is no greater example to the need to speak this truth than the situation now unfolding in the Muslim world.


Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness "As a man thinkth in his heart, so he is"; if a man is fighter, he will seek a worthy opponent to test his skill. They say that it is the truth that you know that sets you free. The struggle between the Jews and the Arabs is another facet of the same force that is driving Muslim extremists to violence. It is their need for recognition that is driving them to violence against the Jews and the rest of the world. It is a displaced ego that wants to be acknowledged at all cost. The Middle Eastern born have to know what makes the Israelis lord over them and why they have to resort to acts of desperation just to score points to force the Israelis to deal with them on equal terms. They are lagging behind because of Negation. Negation is a force that restrained people, causing them to stagnate and lag behind. One remedy for that is awareness; they need first become aware of their condition and take steps to redirect their energy to the ennoblement of the human spirit by investing in freedom, love and compassion. They should have a willingness to embrace the truth, no matter what the cost. These are the things that can enlarge their cognitive ability, increase their intuitive power so that they can grow and become equal players in the human field. Sadam Hussein did not know what power is; he sought power by suppressing his people and wasting his energy in vain rhetoric. He did not know that true power comes from embracing the weaknesses and the shortcomings of his fellow human beings. Our true strength and power do not come to us by how well we can destroy each other, but by showing love and compassion for one another. He fulfilled a truth written in the bible since the genesis of time. “In deed I have made Israel master over you and it shall come to pass when thou shall have the dominion, that thou shall break his yoke from off thy neck”. Sadam Hussein was a powerful man, yet he did not know what power is. He at the end let the world becoming lord over him. Further in the bible it is also said that: “If a man is in Christ he is a new creation” the past has no power over him. I pray to God to help the Arab people to face this truth, thou it shall destroy their false sense of identity; it will also free them to face reality. It will help them take new direction where they don’t have to resort to acts of desperation just to score points and force people to treat them as equal. They need to know that they are all equal under God. They only need to play by the rules of just being human. To be human is to embrace the pain and the suffering of our fellow human beings, to show love and compassion, this is our true strength and power.


Face the truth and open ourselves to it, let it destroy anything that is false in us. This is a practical way to get rid of anything that encumbered our lives. We need to make the shift from unconscious human beings to conscious human beings. Human beings are driven by forces beyond themselves; they are compelled to react to them, not knowing the reason for their actions. We need to become aware of the devices of the forces of darkness. They are called the forces of darkness because they affect us at a subconscious level; we are not aware of their doings. Why would seemingly good people intent on killing their fellow human beings for no apparent reason you may ask; I say to you that there is a reason, like all the works of darkness; they happen below our conscious mind. We don’t always know for sure the reason for our actions. A war has been waged in our consciousness and we are compelled to take side.


Whenever you see conflict, look for Negation. If there is a human condition that caused pain and suffering, look for the tell/tale sign of Negation, the people have been affected by Negation. Awareness is the key, for you cannot change what you are not aware of or able to see and when you are able to see, you must be willing to face what you see. Redirection is the key; Muslims should begin to take a hard look at their leaders. A leader is the sum total of a people. They should make their leaders accountable for their conditions. Instead of wasting their resources lavishing on themselves, their leaders should rather invest in the welfare of their own people. Respect begins with oneself. The respect they seek outwardly must first begin within. Instead of wasting their resources on the French Riviera, spending thousands of dollars on wine, luxury and pleasure cruises, they should hire teachers to educate their people in science, math, and medicine. The anger and the hatred they feel will be redirected to improve their living condition. The energy they waste in vain pursuit is helping perpetuate their condition; instead of moving forward, they regress backward.

A World to Come

Separation Truth is that which is, it changes not. Falsehood is what seems to be, it does not stand the test of time will dissipate over time. Truth has a tendency to destroy anything that is false about us and remake us anew. Terrorism is fueled by a bruise ego that displays anger as a mean to gain recognition. Knowing this truth will help free the terrorist from his fixation and turn him into new a creation. A world free of terror, governed by righteousness when that happened we have indeed the realized His word; I am making all things new.”. The bible says that the letter of the law disconnect us from the sprit. When we put the letter of the law above the spirit of the law, we are disconnecting ourselves from the spirit. Sharia, imposing the letter of the law, forcing the letter of the law of people, without regard for the spirit disconnects us from our humanity. The Muslim extremists can easily kill without feeling remorse, because they are disconnected from the spirit.

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