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   Don't Complained!
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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.

Claim Your Rights!
    What rights?
  • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
  • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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Changing the Human Condition in your Country

I want God to heal the land of Haiti so that when Haitians want to return to their homeland, they don’t have the fear to do good, doing good things so that others can benefit. If they plant a business in Haiti, they don’t have to fear of loosing their lives, they don’t have to be afraid that their business flourish and grow without loosing their lives for it. I want that fear to cease and no more. I want Haiti to become a place where anything can good grow, flourish and prosper. Anyone who agrees with me; I want to hear from you. I cannot do so until I explain to the people the laws responsible for their conditions. The Haitians condition is primarily a collective problem; I say so because the rules that govern the collective are responsible for their condition.

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Falsehood: Vs Truth


What is: Truth?

“There is no religion higher than truth”

“Truth is that which is. It is ought, it changes not”.

Ladder A very good book, a God inspired type of book defines truth as that which is, it resides in God. He alone can reveal truth to us. Jesus revealed Himself to be the truth by demonstrating in actions the reality behind the truths that He tried to reveal. “I am the truth and the life, he who walks with me shall not walk in darkness but has the light of day”. Are we ready for the truth that gives us the light of day? We need to know the truth behind the impulse, which drives us to negate each other. We need to know the reason why we are driven to negate that which is black in the world and to exalt that which is white in life. It is an unnatural disposition. It is a fact of life; it is beside us. We have no control over the way we feel, the way we behave. We need to do something about the way we feel. We are driven by the impulse to negate that which is black in the world or void of light, and to exalt everything, which reflects the attributes of, light or white. We are either driven to negate literarily that which reflects the attributes of black or lack of light or driven to exalt the attributes of light or white. In so it is the struggle we go through all the days of our lives. We have been tided up in this eternal struggle, a type of polarization, which creates duality in human’s life. This type of struggle existed in human’s life since the fall of man. It has been the cause for all the disparities that exist in the human race. Anything black in life is to be negated and cut off from life, and anything white is to be exalted and put forth. Unless we know the truth, which exists behind this struggle, we will continue to live our lives struggling with each other literarily. This type of darkness existed in life since the fall of man. Until Jesus came to reveal to us in actions and show us new possibilities through demonstrations, we were living in the dark. We did not know the possibilities of the spiritual life. He raised the dead, healed the sick, gave sight to the blinds and arose Himself from the dead. These are possibilities that didn’t exist until He came to reveal them to us. We too must claim these possibilities as our own and also any other revelations that come later to us later through His servants. Hence these revelations become reality in our lives; they will override our present reality. However difficult and challenging it may appears to be right now just to talk about these subjects; before Jesus came these possibilities did not even exist to us. Now we can, not only talking about them but we also can confront them. Jesus said that He is the truth, because before Him we were living a lie, a false reality. We know not that the dead can live again; He revealed this truth to us by demonstrating its reality. He healed the sick, he arose from the grave. These are truths that He also demonstrated to us. These truths one day shall become facts and override the false reality that we are now living. In such manner shall it be for us that knowing the truth behind the struggle between blacks and whites shall help us override our false reality. If we can focus on the truths that Jesus revealed and seek to live the life, which make them possible, we can experience new realities. One of such reality that needs to be changed is the struggle, which exist between black people and white people. The impulse to negate anything black literarily has caused great disparity in the human race. Black people because of the color of their skin have been cut off from the possibilities of this world. Not necessarily by whites but the impulse to negate and restraint that which is black. Such happenings can only be the works of darkness. Tough the devil portrait himself as an agent for light, he is in actuality an instigator of darkness. Very few human beings understand the reason why they are feeling the way they feel, act the way they do or be in the condition they find themselves in. Asians people also have experienced some degree of negation because of the color of their skin. They have not experienced the intensity of which black people have experienced because their yellow skin is closer to white and reflects some of the attributes of light. The truth that I am trying to put forth is that there is a co-relationship between the attributes found in light and the reality of life on earth. There is also a co-relation between the fall of man and the struggle, which is currently going on in life. There is also a relationship between the stagnation that persists among the darker skin people of the world and the acceleration that flourishes among the lighter skin people of the world. all in all, the devil is promoting whiteness for light, negating black and promoting white. This is very simple and obvious. There is something in the world, promoting whiteness, while negating blackness; this something is the devil, promoting himself as the light of the world.

What is: Falsehood?

Humanity_Future_WholeFalsehood is what seems to be, appears to be and is naught and shall pass away. Truth is that which is, it changes not”. The devil is a liar, the father of lies and the instigator of falsehood. Jesus is the truth; the real thing and in him there is no lie. These statements above define the struggle between truth and falsehood, between light and darkness.

Sometimes things can blend in so well that there is no way to differentiate the real from the imitation. A lie, a falsehood can be taken for truth for a long time, until someone pointed it as a lie, it will continue. Before Galileo, people used to believe that the earth was flat, until he pointed to them otherwise. Blacks used to be taken for inferior beings, until God revealed the reason for their condition, now it is believed that they are not inferior but restrained by forces beyond them. When the Whiteman looked at his own accomplishments and marveled, thinking himself to be above the Blackman, God words proved him otherwise. Blacks are not inferior, but restrained. They are restrained from advancing forward, because they were made to serve as fuel to maintain the adversarial system that is running the world. Sometime we must face the truth in order to uncover the false. It is a fact of life that white people prosper, excel and flourish in the world while black people stagnate, lingered behind. Not to admit this as a fact of life is falsehood, but to accept the reason given for this fact is also falsehood. God said otherwise, that the reason given for the condition of the Blackman is false; I am agreeing with God and I am not taking this lie for the truth. How we perceive the self, as better and greater than is the result of this sharp contrast between the achievements of blacks and whites; sorting out their differences give them a sense of self awareness. We assert the self or the ego by negating and affirming each other, in this case, blacks are used as the elements to negate to create contrast in our perception. Man had no awareness of self without the works of the devil. Before the devil got into life, our consciousness was one and the same. Man did not see himself apart and separate from God and anything else. Man was at one with God and his fellowmen. Now the devil got into life and shrouded it in darkness, using heinous tactics to maintain the adversarial system in the world, making us continuously aware of our selves and our egos.

Blacks paid an enormous price for this self awareness bestowed upon humanity by the devil; a price that humanity did not have to pay, had our ancestors remained under the will of God. “Except a man renounce himself, pick up his cross and fallow Me”. “For that He came, to destroy the works of the devil” Jesus told us to renounce the very self, the ego that the devil bestowed upon us and that is also His mission on earth. I as a Blackman paid too much of a price for the gift of self awareness that God is trying to take away from us.

“Falsehood is what seems to be and it is naught, it shall pass away”.

Bible_Sequel For a long time the emissaries of darkness have put forth the theory of evolution, making us believe that blacks were inferior to whites. We know that this was a lie; it was the truth in reverse and now must pass away. Just like the lie the devil told to our ancestors when he told them that: they shall surely not die, but that their eyes will open and they will be able to be like God, he told the same lie about the Blackman. We know that it was a lie because their eyes did opened, but they were not like God. There eyes were opened but they could not handle the reality of their new found vision. They were ashamed of themselves and their new found vision brought them separation and eventually death. They did surely die. The lie of the devil seems to be right at first but at the end it brought them destruction. “Broad is the way; wide is the path that leads to destruction”. If the way of the devil was right, Jesus would not have come to destroy his works. We know that something is very wrong in the distribution system of the world; the way possibilities to attain are imparted to blacks. Blacks are restrained, held back so that they can become fuel for the system to sustain itself. We know that it is a lie told by the devil when he told that blacks are inferior to whites. Now that God is revealing to us the contrary, that blacks are not inferior but held back in order to maintain the adversarial system of the world, to maintain the consciousness of separation that separate man and God.

Revelation: of Truth

Zbob There is a truth that’s needed to be revealed, talked about and made readily available for everyone to know about it. Knowing this truth can: change the world, change our view about the world, and change the way we look at reality, change our perception, Change the way we look at life, our perspective. LIFE for every one of us has always been a journey of discovery, a revelation. Because life as we perceived it is always changing, our views on life are always changing. What we held to be true today; can become falsehood tomorrow. What we perceive to be reality today, can change tomorrow.

TRUTH when revealed has a tendency to change our view on life. It either takes the edge out of our perception, or sharpened our perception of reality. Consequently, the truth can change our lives. In this context, I am revealing this truth.”

The devil is a liar; life on earth is of the devil” Testing reality against the truth, it was real as can be real, but today it is not so real as yesterday. What was this reality? How do we differentiate truth from falsehood?

Perhaps the very nature of this world makes it a false reality. It is always changing. It appeared to be real today, but its nature will change in time.

Why Enlightenment: and lifestyle interchangeable

Ladder "I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light”. “In Him was life and the life was the light of man"; the bible is talking about lifestyle. Tom Cruise visited Japan and discovered that there is spirituality in the lifestyle of the people of Japan. I believe that the way we live our lives and the style we chose for our lives will determine how much of the spirit we have in us. It is possible to have more of the spirit, acquire more of it and store more of it by the way we live our lives. “I come so that you have life and have it more abundantly”. It is the spirit that gives life and it is the life that we live that makes it possible to have more of the sprit. There is a relationship between the way we live our lives and our cognitive ability. “Everything we do and everything we are repose on the sprit; it is the spirit that gives life”. Carlos Castaneda says that it is possible to live our lives by the spirit, store the spirit or make it dissipate by our idle talks. Spirituality is all around us, but we don’t know how to measure the spirit, who has the spirit, when do we know that something is of the sprit, add to the sprit or taken away from the sprit.

Twitter_Nutshell_Awareness Superstitious fears dissipate the sprit, while deliberate living adds to the spirit. It is possible to be walking dead, become vacuum cleaners sucking up all spiritual energies around us by the way we live. If a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness but has the light of day. If he walks in the dark and stumble, it is because the light is not in him”. If a man lives in the midst of people who don’t have the rules of the spirit lives in darkness and if the darkness is all around him and cannot see his way in the dark, it is because he does not have the inner light of the spirit, he does not live by the rules of the spirit.

It is important for us to understand the spirit and how to have more of it, because God says that He will bless all the families of the earth and that at the end of time He will pour His spirit on all flesh. We must look forward the baptism of the spirit promised by God before we can be blessed for it is the spirit that gives life. “After me shall come the One who will baptize you; He will baptize you with spirit and fire”. John was referring to Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He is the way and the life, the life and the light, therefore we need to fallow the life prescribed by Jesus Christ so that we may have the spirit and receive the blessing of God.

Christ: the Final Answer!

Separation Many long the return of Christ hoping that He will put an end to human suffering, but still I see many parts of the world where the light of Christ hasn’t yet penetrate. Christ will come and His reign will take place only when His message has illuminated the hearts of man in every corner of the globe. People are still enchained by traditions, preventing the light of Christ from penetrating their hearts. The solution to overcome tradition is to be filled with the spirit. To be filled with the spirit, we must live by the spirit or by the rules that govern the increase of the spirit. If we fallow the lifestyle prescribed by Jesus, we assure us an increase in our spirit.

The rules that govern increase of the sprit are simple:
1_ Love God before all else; God is spirit
2_ Seek God or seek the sprit
3_ Do unto others as you would like them do unto you.
4_ Forgive others as many times needed; seven time seven
Turn the other cheek when confronted, avoid heads on collisions, and seek other alternatives to resolve conflicts 5_ Deny yourself; act selflessly, think of others, incorporate others in your quests
6_ Take up your cross; embrace your humanity, your fellowmen short comings, weaknesses, pain and suffering.
7_ Fallow Me, fallow the pattern I left for you, obey My words, because they will bring the spirit to you, the spirit is your way to a better life, the abundant life


Read_On Making the case for right identity. Is man a body or spirit? What is the difference between a spirit that is clothed in black flesh with that of a white flesh? What are the limitations placed on a spirit at birth when he enters his mother’s womb; would he be limited by the country or the family he is born into? What about his abilities, his gifts, were they bestow upon him at birth or did he entered the world with them? Would he be limited or filtered by the constraints placed upon him at birth?
Before you were in your mother’s womb, I knew you."
Which means that you must have existed somewhere in the spirit before you were born.
Man is a spirit being, clothed in flesh.
This means that before you enter in your mother’s womb to receive a body and enter this world you existed as a spirit. Imagine the earth to be a school and when you are born in a country to a particular race and family, consider that to be a placement. You are assigned to a country as if you were placed in a particular class room. In that school there are all sorts of student, teachers, teacher aids, freshmen, graduates and re-peat students."

Perfection is the ultimate of life”. “Therefore be ye as perfect as Thy father in heaven."
In this school calls earth, everybody learn until they achieve perfection. There are freshmen and graduates; this school is not about natural selection where nature favors the strong and rejects the weak, but about time for everyone to attain perfection. Christ taught us to embrace our humanity, to be patient and tolerant with one another and sacrifice ourselves for our fellowmen.

Order is the aim of the universe.

Without order and law there is only chaos; people would not fallow their rightful places, third graders would want to do the task of ten graders, there would be no tolerance, and the strong will suppress the weak. With Christ, everybody wins. Teaching democratic principles to a country that has never live under democracy is like changing course in the middle of a semester. It is not easy to learn new materials in mid-course. You must allow the students enough time to adjust to the new course. Christ has taught us patience and tolerance, without which there would be no humanity.

Ladder_of_Awareness I am doing a comparative study between the Jewish culture and the Haitian culture. In this case, both cultures are opposites and similar and that both are of two countries approximately the same size and that both people hold on to their belief systems very dearly and both people have strong traditions. The difference between the two is that one is allowed to prosper and excel, while the other one stagnate and linger behind. I want to know what is it in one culture that allows it to flourish, while the other one decays. There is a fundamental difference between the two cultures and there is a cause responsible for this difference and I want to know what it is. These two cultures are dissimilar yet the same in many ways. It is a kind of duality, a pair of opposites of a black and white kind of situation. I want to know why one culture failed and why the other one doesn’t. I believe that in finding the cause for the disparities between the two cultures, I will arrive at a solution or an understanding that can help Haiti make the transition from being a left behind to an excelling culture. The universe seems to have an aim; I believe that this aim seems to point upward toward upper mobility. I believe that the universe has an aim, because everything around us seems to point in one direction, upward. Nature seems to favor the upward path. God is promoting the upward movement of the universe. Science says that the universe is expending, moving forward; I must agree with science. We cannot fight the forces of nature or we run the risk of been left behind. Therefore it is justified of me to look for ways to help Haiti move forward. In that case I want to see what is it in the Haitian culture that is holding it behind and kept if from moving forward. Everything points toward one cause responsible for keeping Haiti tied down; that one thing is the past and that past is rooted in the Voodoo tradition. I said it earlier because of our belief system, our tradition passed on to us by our ancestors, we inherited something that God is no longer promoting; we are stuck because of it. God has put a block in our path. “God is not God for the dead but fore the living”. God does not promote what is dead. We are holding on to the cult of the dead, placing our guidance on our ancestors, rather than God. God is not promoting them; He is promoting Himself, His Son, His justice and His righteousness. They; the past and the Emissary tradition of the Voodoo religion are not helping us moving forward because god is blocking them. The reality is simple, God is not allowing them to be our guide for the future; anything they stand for will be blocked. So it is reasonable to seek our guidance and our protection elsewhere. We cannot fight against the aim of the universe; we cannot fight with God. His will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. As a child cannot enter back into his mother’s womb as such we cannot change the will of God.

TALES OF TRUTH: true stories of human needs

Level_Of_Human_Needs There was a recent wave of pictures coming out of the Miami Herald covering the famine in Ethiopia. These pictures were also fallowed by another wave of pictures coming out of Haiti. These pictures were taking by a Haitian photographer on an assignment covering the embargo on Haiti. The year was 1997. There was a great distress in those two lands.

In Haiti one can see beautiful pictures of ladies sitting by the roadside selling goods. Shantytowns made out of cardboard boxes. I watched old ladies washing clothes in a small stream of running water where animals and humans take their drink together. The despair was everywhere. The pictures in the next page depict the stories more vividly. Ethiopian man walking likes a skeleton, just by sheer will power. no flesh, no energy to justify the walk. There were children with oversize bellies from malnutrition crying.

I was moved by what I saw in these pictures that I was compelled to write the two letters. I sent a letter to one of the photographers who took the pictures and sent the other one to the person who wrote the article. I never got an answer to any of them. I was hoping that these two people were motivated by the same feelings that moved me, and that they too were glad to have some one in agreement with them. I was overpowered by the desire to let others see the suffering side of humanity. I assumed that they too were touched by the enormity of the suffering like I was. However, they were only doing an assignment. Taking these pictures was a job to them, nothing personal. I knew in my heart that something could have been done to alleviate these sufferings. I believe in my heart that Christ was the answer. I just didn’t know how to convince others to feel the same way I felt. I deeply believe that what was happening in the world at the time could have been avoided.

It has been nearly four years since I wrote these lines. The year was 1996. I was taken by the stories coming out of Africa. They were stories about the famine in Ethiopia, war, disease and poverty. I was mostly taken by the intensity of which stagnation seem to set in that part of the world. I wanted to know if there was a connection between what was taking place there and the greater reality for black people in general.

The lines are the same, rather that the pictures were coming from Africa or somewhere here closer to home, places like Haiti. They tell us the same stories. Where ever are black people; the lines are the same, the colors are the same, and the pictures are the same. In these pictures I can read the lines that speak of stagnation and retardation. They described the social, mental and spiritual state of the people in the pictures; they tell their stories.

One particular story that really described the need for a new revelation, it is the story about a young girl that I observed. A casual observance, at a glance I can tell that she was beautiful. By her looks I can tell that she was young, not more than 18 years old. She is probably African American by her complexion or some other African descent, not too dark not to light. Then she began to talk about something. I know that she was trying to express something out of herself, but the words did not come up. I can see her struggle and her frustrations trying to cut through whatever that was holding her from bringing these words to the surface. I know that I have been there before. I have fought the same battle that she is now fighting. The only difference between the two of us is that she does not know that she is in a struggle. This was the same fight that I had to go through, except for me it was more deliberate.

The tales are endless, but the stories are all connected. Underline them all is the one truth that I would like to surface. I would to invite you to look for it. It is the effect of Negation on the human being. In the first story you see the end results of Negation. And the last story you see the effects of Negation on the individual human being, the struggle to cut through restrictions and constraints, first inside them, and from outside out there in society. I have attempted to bring a new understanding to the world. I wanted to tell people that there is a need to become aware that there is an impulse which is driving the world to reject and cut off from it everything black. I have the certainty and the conviction that what I am attempting to tell people is the truth. What remained to be done is for the world to take at hearth this revelation and seek to find ways to inform and educate people. People have a right to know the things that affect them, rather consciously or subconsciously.

A World: to Come

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