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   Don't Complained! Why not?
  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.
  • Claim Your Rights!
      What rights?
    • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
    • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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    Changing the Human Condition in your Country

    Everything we do and everything we are repose on the spirit; it is the spirit that gives life. It is possible to increase our spirit, enlarge it and have more of it by the way we live, by the life style we chose to live. How we live our lives determines rather we increase it or diminish it. One thing is certain is that, it is never the same for everyone, every one has it but some have it more than others. There is a spirituality in that place the young actor exclaimed to the interviewer who is interviewing him after spending some time with some Japanese people in the country side. He noticed that the strength they have came from in the way they live. Idle talk and irreverence for life seem to help diminish it and reverence for life and self restrain seem to help increase it. The Samurai strength came from living like a warrior, a warrior at war with the impulses coming from the body that wage war against his spirit. Life is a perpetual struggle between the constraints set by God to guide our spirit and the impulses coming from our bodies to oppose it. Our task in life is maintaining the balance between the two. Without the willingness to live our lives like warriors with the awareness that we are at war with ourselves we become fragmented human beings, splitting between the impulses which maintain and govern our bodies and the constraints set by God to guide our spirit. Without the constraints set by God, a man is at the mercy of all the impulses originated from his body. He is a puppet subjected to the whims of nature. He is pulled here and froth by the forces that drive this world, he became part of the cycle of life and death. He is condemned to die without ever discover that the breath which is part of his being is of God.

    Life is a struggle between man natural inclination to fallow his body and that of doing the will of God. God is spirit those who believe in Him shall also live by the spirit. He who seeks after God is seeking the spirit, the life style prescribed by Jesus Christ is a pathway to the spirit. God can only empower us trough the spirit for it is the spirit that sustains life, nothing we do, is done without the spirit. God intended to bless the whole of humanity; He can only do that when humanity has been spiritualized. Increasing our spirit, enlarge is trough righteous living should be the aim of every human being. Living right is an antidote to poverty, hunger and lack in this world.

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    Power: in the Life

    Poverty: Legacies of the Third World

    Brain_Storming I would like to help change the legacy of the Third World by showing people how to live the right way! Living the right way can help increase our spiritual strength, we need the spirit to empower us to face challenges and removes obstacles out of our paths The Third World problem is a quagmire, overcoming poverty and social stagnation in the Third World is too complex and too intricate of a problem for anyone to solve. It requires a divine revelation to pin the cause and unveil the machinery that is keeping the Third World behind. The cause for the Third World problem is too elusive and to fleeting for any man to say here is the solution; I can solve the Third World problem; it requires a collective effort. Since we need the spirit to unite us as one so that we can join our efforts, share each other visions and understand each other thoughts and ideas, we must find ways to increase our spirit. Without the spirit there can never be oneness, there can only be individual achievements, never a collective achievements. It requires a collective effort to achieve great thing or undertake great task, to do that we must have the same spirit. Without the oneness of the spirit we run the risk of overtaking by the Babel Syndrome, which brings us bewilderment and confusion.

    Third World : What is the Third World?

    How do we arrive at a separate world called the Third World? What is it that makes that world distinct and apart from the rest of the world? Why are they called third, not second or equal? One can solve complex problems by asking simple questions. Some of the questions that press my mind to ask are as fallow: What separate people of the Third World with that of the industrial world; what is distinct about them, why can’t they create a world that is orderly and prosperous like the rest of the world? I want to continue asking questions until I arrive at an answer or an understanding. I want to know why there are so many disparities between the people of the Third World with that of the industrial world. There is a world of people that is apart and distinct from the rest of the world; I want to know why. I want to know why they lag behind and unable to create orderly and prosperous world for themselves.

    Third World People: different than the rest

    The_Quantum_Leap_Of_Faith There is a world of people out there that are lagging behind. They are sluggish and less cognitive to the needs of their environments. They are cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world. They made up the bulk of the third world population. I want to help them catch up with the rest of the world. I want to teach them about their possibilities in Christ. I want to introduce to them the life style that will guarantee them success in life. I want to help them excel and prosper in life. I want to help free them of the Third World mentality that is keeping them behind. I want to introduce to them the life style that can help heightening their cognitive ability and make them more aware and conscious of others and the needs of their environment. I want to help them break their fixation on the need that is driving their lives and free them to fulfill other needs that made up the human scale. I sincerely believe that the solution to the Third World problem rest in people living the right life style. I want to introduce to them the life that guarantees them a heighten state of awareness. I want to introduce to them the pattern of life style prescribed by Christ for humanity to fallow in order to find God. Christ said that: “I am the way and the life; I am the life and the light. If any man wants to fallow Me, let him deny himself and let him pick up his cross and fallow Me”. The life style of denying oneself, putting the needs of others before our own is the path to the spirit. “Let him deny himself; let him pick up his cross and fallow Me. Let him embrace his humanity meaning that he has to embrace the weaknesses and the short comings of his fellowmen. Let him help his fellowmen by uplifting them."If you dwell in My words and My words remain in you, Me and My father we will come in and dwell with you. If you fallow the instructions I prescribed to you, Me and My father who are spirit, we will come in and live with you and uplift your spirit and fill you up. “Everything you do and everything you are rest on the spirit. It is the spirit that gives life and the ability to prosper and excel in life. Jesus said that you need to fallow the instructions He prescribed to you in order to have the spirit and have more of it. "It is the spirit that gives life. I come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly”. "I come to fill you up with the spirit.My words are spirit and they are life." If you keep My words you will surely have the spirit that gives life. You will have the power and the ability to understand the world you live in. You will know how your world operates and conquer the elements that stand in your way and make your life difficult for you. See having to believe: Faith

    Looking: to Make a Difference!

    Walk_the_Lines Without a comprehensive plan to combat poverty and change conditions in the Third World our effort will not produce much. Our effort must include God in order to be maximized. We cannot exclude God out of our effort. We must include every facets of a human being and I believe that our effort should include God and God should take the center stage. Here is why. When we talk about God we are talking about the spirit. God is spirit; and in any culture spirit and life and are interchangeable for it is God that sustains life, it is the spirit that sustains life. We need to address God in our effort, for it is the spirit that sustains the human conditions we see around us. We are attempting to change the human condition; we are attempting to change life trough the spirit. God in any culture represents the spiritual father of man or the one who sustains life. Since in any culture spirit and life are interchangeable; we must approach the spirit of man if we want to affect life of man. We must approach the spirit if we want to change the conditions of life. This tutorial is not about religion but an effort to promote a pathway that will lead to the spirit, a pathway that will lead us to the energy that sustains the conditions of life. Since the conditions a man’ life is his life, we must find the source of that life; we must find what is it sustains the conditions of this life. So we begin this journey in our quest to eradicate poverty around the world by approaching the source that sustains poverty. We begin this journey with the search for the spirit. We want to know how the spirit grows and diminish; is there a way to acquire more of it, accumulate it or dissipated it? It would appear that some people have it more than others. I want to know why some people have it more than others and those who have it less, how can they increase it and have more of it. We begin our quest from every classroom around the world. We want to begin this quest at an age when a human being is most pliable, most manageable, flexible and more capable of change; we begin it in the schools. Since life at the school age has just begin and has not yet established roots that can make it difficult to learn, it is our best chance to reach them there. Every child whatever country or religion he is raised has one thing in common, is more into life, therefore has more spirit. Our task is to teach every child around the world how to feed their spirit, keep it growing and not dissipate it by the time they reach adulthood. Like most adult who can experience the magical properties that make the life of a child more alive, more into living lost it by the time they reach adulthood and cannot explain what happened to it. Our task is to introduce every child to the teachings that can help him sustain the growth of his spirit throughout the stages of his life, from childhood to adulthood. You can be a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu or even an Atheist, whatever religion or country you are there is one thing you cannot deny; that one thing is you, what make you, the person you are. Your intellectual prowess, your capacity to feel emotion, your capacity to reason and make logical decisions, your moments of clarity and flashes of enlightenment, intuition are all parts of your spirit. You can have more of it and if you have more of it and by having more of it you have the capacity to change the conditions of your life, you can find solution to your problems, overcome obstacles in your paths, you can move up the ladder from being a third world individual to a flourishing and excelling individual.
    People search for the Holy Grail and the philosopher stone, these quests are indeed ethereal. We look for things like these because we seek for things that last and eternal. We are looking for the source of life, we are looking for the life giving essence, we are looking for the spirit. We seek for the spirit because it is the spirit that gives life and sustains life.

    You Are at War: in a battle for your life!

    quantum_leap This tutorial is about teaching you how to take a stand in life, how to see your struggles and calamities in life, not to see them as happening by chance but as consequences of a war that is taking place in your subconscious mind. The aim of this tutorial is to make you aware that you are in a battle and to help you find an ally that will help you win that battle. Life is a classroom; this tutorial teaches you how to achieve success in the classrooms and in life! How do you view your life, how do you see yourself in life? Do you see yourself going trough life sailing without opposition and that things are happening easily for you or do you see yourself oppose in every turn, struggling to achieve things in life. Do you welcome the opposition, get fierce in your stand against it or do you feel overwhelm by it and ready to succumb to it. I will give you the key to achieve success in the classroom and in life. The key to your success in life or in the class room is to consider yourself in a battle. You are in a battle for your life or soul. I say life or soul because the two are interchangeable; your soul is the sum total of your experiences in life. How much happiness you experience in life; your emotions, your feelings and intellectual prowess are all parts of your soul or the life you live. The life style you chose to live will determine your experiences in life, therefore your life is also your soul. You are in a battle for your soul. Consider the enemy in this battle is after your life and soul. In this battle you have an enemy and also an ally. Consider the enemy is out to destroy you, take away your life and make you miserable. The ally is out to protect you and gives you happiness. The enemy held you back and kept you in poverty; the ally is out to free you, prosper you and excel you to great heights. The enemy in this battle is after your soul, he instigated the leaders of your countries to sin against God, violating His law so that God can sanction them and that they may reap the consequences for violating the law of God. The enemy of your soul is creating gates of hell, turning your country into places where you will experience pain and suffering. This is how the enemy of your soul perpetuated poverty and social stagnation in your country. The enemy of your soul used these sanctions to justify keeping you in poverty, cutting you off out of the blessing of God and out of the possibilities of this world. Your ally is out to give you a future and a hope, excel you and make you prosperous He wants to make you just like Him, righteous and just. Your ally wants you to be happy, prosperous and excel to great heights. You get this ally to join you in your battle. By living upright you automatically invite this ally to join you in your battle. If you want this ally to join you in your battle, all you have to do is fallow the life style this ally prescribed for you to live. You can get stronger and force your enemy to get weaker by fallowing the life style prescribed by Jesus Christ. You can accumulate that energy by living upright or you can dissipate that energy by not living upright. This ally will only join with those who are just like Him; righteous and just. He wants you to live upright and just so that He can empower you to prosper and free you from this syndrome that kept you living in backwardness. Consider this battle to be a pulley, when you pull one end, the other end must come down, when one side get weaker the other side get stronger. You can enhance the quality of your life by the life style you chose to live. If you waste this energy by idle talks, live your life without order and discipline you make your ally weaker and your enemy stronger. How you live your life can help improve your intelligence. If you live your life right and fallow the life style prescribed by your ally, you can heighten your cognitive ability, heighten your awareness and your ability to discern right from wrong, truth from falsehood. All in all your ally can help make you smarter. Consider the world you live to be a storehouse of energy; you can harness that energy and store or dissipate it by the way you live. Idle talk, lack of order and discipline can help dissipate that energy and living upright and orderly can help you accumulate and store that energy. In other word you can increase this energy and make it available for your ally to use to help you win your battle. Let’s call this energy spirit. “It is the spirit that gives life; everything you do in life depends on the spirit".

    Asking: this Question

    . Why do you see yourself at war? Why do you consider your life to be a battle? Why do you see the challenges in your life as an opposition? Why do you see the world in terms of opposites? Why do you see the world in terms of enemy and ally? Let me now answer the question for you! You see the world that way because this is the way the world is. You are living in a world of duality. There are two opposing forces in the world that determined how you experience life. There is an opposing force that restrained and constrained you from advancing forward. This force is there to keep you behind. Why this force affects you more than other people doesn’t matter; what matter the most is that you accept the fact that you are in a battle for your experiences in life or soul. What matter is that you know that there is an opposing force that is available to you as an ally if you live your life upright and just? This other force is there as an ally to help you counteract the effects of the opposing forces that is there to restrain you and keep you behind. This force is there to help you excel and propel you forward. By accepting the reality of this world that you are in a battle for what you will experience in life, you can chose to live right and just and have an ally to defend you or not live right and succumb to your enemy and be held back and restrained.

    Why Your World: Lags Behind?

    Anti_Corruption_Vacin Do you know why people in your world cannot achieve great things? Do you know why they cannot come together collectively, why they are bewildered, confuse and unable to see and hear the same vision as their fellow citizens? Do you know why your leaders and people in position of power in your world are insensitive to the needs of their environments? Are they unable to perceive the same reality that people outside your world sees? What makes them insensitive to the needs of their environments, why they are not responsive as other western people do? Is it because they cannot see or perceive the reality of their world? Is there a lack, a missing link of some sort? Is there a disease, a deformity that prevent them from functioning like the rest of people in the western world, keeping them from seeing reality as the rest of the world sees it? Why is there such communality between the Third World people, what make them common and the same? What are the characteristics that make them all alike?

    I Will Answer: this Question

    It is because they are all affected by the Babel Syndrome. They are suffering from the syndrome that produces the Third World mentality. It begins in the classroom, from an early age, teaching them as I am teaching you now how to overcome the Third World Syndrome. You need an ally. You need to know how to accumulate the spirit. In other word you need the spirit of God and the only way to the spirit of God is trough the life style prescribed by Jesus Christ His son. If you were to scientifically measure idle talking, you can actually measure the spiritual energy that you are dissipating. By living a certain way you can actually store that energy and accumulated it for future use. God made provision for us to learn how to accumulate that energy. We get that provision trough the teachings of Jesus Christ. He left for us a pattern or a life style to fallow. Turning the other cheek, forgive one another, avoid come to blow with one another, love others as we love ourselves, embrace our humanity by helping the poor, helping the lame, helping the widow, give to those in need, live upright, practice justice, this is how you accumulate the spirit and have an ally; this is the pattern of life style Jesus Christ left for us to fallow.

    Literally: Jesus!

    I want to establish a link between Jesus Christ, His teachings and the spirit, between the spirit and intelligence and between intelligence and blessing. I want to show a link between the spirit and our cognitive ability, our ability to see and perceive, having a heighten state of awareness, our ability to make logical decisions, our intuitive ability, our verbal fluency, a link between the spirit and all the necessary tools that empowered us to have dominion over our world, over the elements and our environment.

    Jesus Christ literally, what it means to fallow Jesus Christ and His teachings."All have gone astray, everyone his way and the government of the world is rested on His shoulders." Christ came to unify us into one spirit, those who are bewildered, confused, unable to hear and understand each other vision, unable to perceive the same vision, hear the same thing as each other, Christ came to unite us by one spirit. “In you and in your seed, all the family of the earth shall be blessed" God accounted Abraham righteous for his good living, his deeds and the way he carried himself. Because Abraham obeyed the law of God, the commandments of God and the statutes of God; God will bless us after such pattern. Jesus is the personification of righteousness, the result of what righteous living bring, the measure of the righteousness that God wants us to reach. Jesus is the seed of the righteousness of Abraham. Jesus is imparting that righteousness to us so that God may empower us with the ability to see and hear the same vision, aware of what is happening and comprehend our world. It is the gifts that the spirit gives that give us dominion over our world, over the elements and the obstacles that stand in our way. It is the gifts of the spirit that make us bless. God wants to impart to us righteous living so that He can infuse in us His spirit and that we may be blessed.

    "With is winnowing fan, He shall separate the wheat from the chaff, but the chaff He shall consume with unquenchable fire. "And after me shall come the One, He will baptize you with spirit and fire." Jesus is the path to the spirit and the way for us to get to the spirit is through righteous living. Jesus left us a pattern of lifestyle to fallow. He said: ”I am the way and the life, I am the life and the light." Jesus is the way to the spirit that gives us the light, therefore the light of the world. Jesus taught us the path to the spirit and it is the spirit that gives life; therefore Jesus is the life and the light. “If a man walks with Me, he shall not walk in darkness but has the light of day”. In other word, if you fallow the life style prescribed by Jesus, you will have the light of the spirit. You will be able to see your way out of a dark situations, you will be able to solve problems, because you will have the intuition or moments of clarity brought to you by the light of the spirit, you will be able to communicate well with your fellowmen, you will be fluent with words, you will know how to fix things, overcome obstacles out of your path. “I am the way and the life”. Jesus is the life style that makes all that possible. Jesus is the lifestyle that we must fallow in order to arrive at the spirit that gives us all of these possibilities... All of these possibilities are the gifts of the spirit. “It is the spirit that gives life”. “Every thing that we do and everything that we are rest on the spirit”. The ability to see and understand what we see, all of these things gives us the extra edge we need to cope with the obstacles in our world. They are parts of the blessing of God that come from righteous living. If you live right and if you fallow the path left by Jesus Christ for us to fallow you will surely find the spirit that gives life.

    "The Chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire" Who are the chaffs? The chaff are those that are left behind, cut off and cut out of the possibilities of this world, they are cut off from the blessing of God. They are bewildered and confuse, they cannot come together as a unit to accomplish great things, solve their collective problems, and they are suffering from the Babel Syndrome. They tried and they cannot succeed; they will build and God will tow down, because they are not guided by the inner light of the spirit. They spiritual inheritances are flawed and God cannot allow them to succeed. “He will burn with unquenchable fire” They will suffer the baptism of fire. They will be whirl into a world they are not accustomed to. They will be yanked out of their slumber. They will be forced into a new demarche a new pace of living. They will be driven to excel and move forward. They will be baptized by fire.

    Literally: Jesus Christ

    Because Abraham obeyed the law of God, the commandments of God and the statutes of God; God accounted him righteous for his deeds. For his righteousness God gave us Jesus as pattern to fallow. By accepting Jesus as the Christ or as the one sent by God to make us righteous we pledge our lives to fallow the foot steps of Abraham and be counted righteous by God as He counted Abraham righteous. By accepting Jesus as the mark set by God to achieve righteousness, we can be judged righteous and become the righteousness of God trough Jesus Christ. Another way of putting it is to say that by accepting the life pattern of Jesus Christ as the measure of righteousness that God wants us to become, we become righteous as God intended it and inherit the right to receive the spirit of God. “If you dwell in My word, Me and My father we will come in and dwell with you”. If we accept the teachings of Jesus Christ and fallow the life style He prescribed to us, He and the Father who is spirit will come in and dwell with us. As the sprit of God takes residence inside of us we become filled with His spirit. It is the spirit of God that empowered us to prosper in life, to have wealth and be in health. It is the spirit of God that gives us the entrance to the blessing of God. It is the spirit of God that gives us the possibilities to partake in the abundance of this world. “At the end, I will pour My spirit on all flesh”. “All knees shall be bent at the revelation of the Son of God". God intent is to bless the humanity as a whole. “In you and in your seeds I will bless all the families of the earth. Through Christ God will fill the earth with His spirit; trough the spirit of God, God will bless all the family of the earth. "It is the spirit that gives life”. “I come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly" Jesus is the gate to the spirit of God. It is the sprit of God that frees us from the syndrome of the third world mentality. “The spirit of God is upon Me because he had anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor, to set free the captives, to give sight to the blind and to set at liberty them that are bruised”. Whatever that is holding us behind into a life of suffering, the spirit of God can free us from it and Jesus is the gate or the password to the spirit of God. “I am the Christ and upon this revelation, I will build My church and the gates of hell shall not stand against it" Upon the revelation that Jesus is the Christ, the One chosen by God to give us access to His spirit, I will make my fallowing and those who fallow Me shall not succumb to the forces that cause them pain and suffering; they will not enter into a life of suffering and misery and experience hell on earth. They will not enter the gates of hell.

    Christianity Different: to Other Religions?

    Christianity is forever intertwined with humanity. To be a Christian is to find God in the midst of our daily lives. It is to see God in the aspect of a father. It is to develop a personal relationship with God. There will arrive a point in that relationship when God has to be God all by Himself, revealing Himself to be almighty.“I will say of the Lord He is my God in Him I will trust" There is a clear line of separation that makes it not encumbering upon man to make God who and what He is but for God to reveal Himself to be God in the life of man. “His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not are thoughts”. One of the attributes that makes God, God is that He is a giver of life. He makes the almond tree bloom in the middle of winter and brings to life dry bones. Where God is there is life and his absence brings death. What makes Christianity different than other religions is the path it takes us to find God. Some religion chant in other to find God, some use meditation and still others use prayers and praises but Christians are required to live the life prescribed by Jesus. Christianity is a life style. He said that: “I am the way and the life, the life and the light”. To find God as a Christian is not to live in darkness but to be enlightened. It is to know our way out of dark situations. It is to find inspiration and revelation to solve our problems. It is to be aware and conscious of our selves at all time and cognizant of the world around us. To find God as a Christian is more than the manifestations of power and might or miracles, it is to have a new life with a new spiritual identity. It is to be able to open the windows of heaven and bring heaven down to earth and bring earth up to heaven. "Behold a ladder was set up on the earth and its top reach to heaven; there the angels of God where ascending and descending on it”. “Whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and what you bind in heaven will be bound on earth”.

    A World: to come

    Separation A time will come when it will be come necessary for a human being to express himself from a level of truth. This place of truth is a place where the whims of nature no longer operate. It is a place where falsehood no longer operates, where the truth is the only reality. A time will come when our strength and power will be measured by how much compassion we have toward one another, how much we can embrace the weaknesses and short comings of our fellow human beings.

    On to the next subject
    "Soon to Come"

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