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  • Because the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, use it.
  • Who so ever call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved from the clutches of the forces of Negation; God’s word has the power
  • The forces of Negation have held you back and cut you out of the possibilities of this life. Without Christ and the knowledge of God's word, you have no possibility to experience the good things of this world. You are at the mercy of the forces of Negation.
  • Speak the word of God over your life, call on the name of the Jesus and you shall have a chance.
  • Claim Your Rights!
      What rights?
    • Claim your rights as sons of God in Christ Jesus. The devil has kept you out of the possibilities of this life.
    • Only by becoming sons of God through Christ can you have right to the blessing. The forces of Negation have kept you out of the blessing of God, you need the spirit to help free yourself, Jesus will baptise you with spirit and fire; Christ is the answer against Negation

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    Changing the Human Condition in your Country

    I want God to heal the land of Haiti so that when Haitians want to return to their homeland, they don’t have the fear to do good, planting good seeds, seed of justice, righteousness that lead to prosperity, doing good things so that others can benefit. If they plant a business in Haiti, they don’t have to fear of loosing their lives, they don’t have to be afraid that their business flourishing and growing will cost them their lives. I want that fear to cease and be no more. I want Haiti to become a place where anything good can grow, flourish and prosper. Anyone who agrees with me, I want to hear from you. It is my hope that people everywhere understand the principles that are responsible for people to prosper and excel forward. I hope that people understand that these principles are universal; they will work for anyone who applies them. This site is here to help them understand that God’s law will not change for them; it is them that must accept the law so that the law can bring them prosperity, helping them get out of poverty. The Haitians condition is primarily a collective problem; an inheritance that they inherit from the past. I believe that the past is responsible for the mistrust, the fear that prevails in the Haitian culture. I say so because the rules that govern the collective are responsible for their condition.

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    The Individual Vs the Collective: legacy of Haiti

    Humanity_Whole Very few men are privileged to be credited for changing the collective. It requires a divine intervention to change the collective. The laws that govern the collective are different from that of the individual; they are usually outside the realm of man. Martin Luther King was able to affect the collective because he had a divine mandate to do so. Blacks in America were crying out to God and God heard their plea and raised him for such time that was. Haitians have many things against them; first they have universal laws pertaining to the system that is operating in this world against them. They also have a majority population made up of blacks, that makes them subject to the forces of Negation that restrained black in the world. Not to exclude the fact that they are practicing the cult of the dead that is an abomination to God. He will not allow them to prosper and flourish as long as they continue to practice their cult in opposition to His will.

    The Teacher A man is an individual, yet he is part of a collective. He inherits the traits that defined him as part of a collective. Prosperity is directly proportionate to integrity, for without internal integrity, there is no external wholeness. Without law, order, uprightness, and justice, there can never be prosperity. Righteousness and integrity walk hand in hand as peace walks hand in hand with prosperity. Abraham was known for his righteousness as well as his riches. He was a rich man in cattle, in servants and in gold. He was called righteous because of his integrity. He owed his riches to his righteousness. Because he observed the law, the statutes and the commandments of God, he was accounted righteous for that and because of his righteousness he was eligible to receive the blessing of God. In other word, he became rich because of his integrity. This is the individual way to achieve prosperity in the world. But Haiti has two problems, collectively they worship the dead, which is an opposition to the will of God, secondly they are under the grip of the forces of Negation, because they have a black majority population. Therefore only God can raise a champion to teach them and guide them out of their condition.

    Changing the Laws:that govern the collective

    Targeting_Haiti In the face of the current situation in Haiti, people need knowledge and understanding; they need a word from God. Nothing that was created; was created without a word; the world came into being through a word. God spoke the world into existence. God’s word gives light and brings understanding. The Haitian people need a word from God, a Rhema word that word can bring them light and direction

    Lets us imagine a scenario in which the situation in Haiti was reversed, where the majority of the population are white or light skin and the minority of the population are blacks and dark complexion, Haiti as a country would be different as such Haiti would be in a shape equal to that of the Dominican Republic or better perhaps as developed as any country in Europe. The reason for this is simple; Negation would not play a role in restricting the majority of the population and the minority restricted by Negation will be compensated by the greater population. Haiti has not excelled and prospered not because whites are superior to blacks but because of Negation; it will take a divine interference to change the situation in Haiti. Without intervention from God America would still be a segregated country, and South Africa would still be divided by apartheid. Without an understanding of the forces that are shaping humanity, our struggle to change the disparity that exists between blacks and whites in Haiti is futile. The problem is not with the individual but with the collective, it is with the collective, because the way this system of things is set up, because the way dispensation on earth is set up to favor Attainment by affinity to color, reversing or equalized this situation requires divine help.

    There is: Still Hope!

    Ladder_of_Awareness Hope showed up in the form of Jesus Christ, revealing knowledge and understanding, freeing man from the grips of Negation, the fact that the greater whole of the population is black; but also because they are tricked to reject the solution against Negation. There is a first for everything; Haiti could be the first in opposing this universal system that govern the collective. We can become first as a nation to defy the laws of the kingdom of darkness, if we dare to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed One. “For that He came to destroy to undo the works of darkness, to destroy the works of the devil. Now the darkness is cast out, the ruler of this world is cast out”. Dispensation on earth does not have to be given by affinity to color; it can be as God set it to be, by righteousness. God shall provide for our needs in accordance to His riches and glory, by Christ Jesus, meaning by righteousness. He is the measure of the righteousness that we need for God to give us access to His blessing. Haiti could succeed not as a black thing but as God intended to be. A time will soon come and has already come when we will be able to express ourselves from a level of love out of the heart of God, free from the whims of nature, where color no longer set our boundaries. Yes, I believe that Haiti could be the first among the nations of the world to become free from this system of dispensation, free from this system of things, this duality of existence, beyond the struggle between the forces for good and for evil. To be in Christ is to be a new creation where the forces of hell have no power over us. I urge all Haitians to seek the God kind of life that will free them from the forces that are keeping them bound, dividing them, while the country perishes.

    Doing the Math:balancing the equation

    No one country with blacks as a majority has yet to change the equation, where the majority of the population blacks excel and prosper in this world. Negation has always won and succeeded in keeping them behind. However one wants to balance the equation, blacks always equal to Negation, stagnation and whites always equal to acceleration and prosperity. Without this equation there would not be an adversarial system in the world, this system of things will pass away. The system that is running the world makes it that way.

    Reasons: for Riches

    Without Righteousness there is no Inner Light

    CLEAN_SLATE_PRIJECT My reason for using Abraham as an example is simple. We know behind the riches of the big countries like the United States, Japan and Britain are principles, rules and regulations that allow them to prosper. My question is: why a country like Haiti cannot apply the same principles and becomes prosperous like them. Answering my own question, the answer is simple: anyone who intent on establishing something that will bring prosperity to Haiti is either kill, destroy or harm in one way or the other. The system that is running the world will not allow it. Without a direct intervention from God, no country with a majority black population will excel and prosper in this world. God has to make a way. The next question I ask is why seeds of justice or anything good cannot grow in the land of Haiti? The answer is simple; there is a pervasive fear in the heart of the Haitian people; the fear is that they believe that to do anything good that will grow and flourish in Haiti is to invite death. People fear of not only loosing their business but also their lives. The reason for this fear is easy to understand, in order to succeed in a business; it requires discipline, law and order, a kind of integrity that the Haitian people are not yet willing to submit themselves to. People everywhere must conform to rules and regulation, but the Haitian people feel that they can do without. A recent example: I was researching on the internet for companies that can build power plants that convert trash to electricity. I proposed the idea to a friend because I know the need for electricity and trash management in Haiti; (waste management) to my surprise, the friend told me with an exclamation: “are you creasy, do you want to loose your life, are you ready to die, don’t you know that nothing good will grow in Haiti. People will seek to destroy you and your business, they don’t care if they will benefit from it or not”. I say to myself: with that kind of mentality, no wonder our legacy as Haitian is poverty. I questioned myself and I asked: what is our inheritance as a nation, as Haitians? Are this hostile attitudes toward good, justice and integrity our inheritance? God cannot promote such inheritance; it would be detrimental for humanity. “Essau, I hate and lay waste his inheritance for the jackals of the wilderness” “This I do to the wicked, thou they build, I will tow down”.

    Cause: and Effect

    Humanity_Future_Whole It is not without cause that you see poverty all around us, simple logic or common sense should tells us that something is fundamentally wrong at the core of our belief system, our way of thinking. We need to revamp our thinking and our way of life so that we can leave an inheritance for our children; an inheritance that is worthy of the human race. Somehow this trend has to stop; I am going to go forth with the power plant proposal, regardless of fear. I know that the benefits that the Haitian people will derive from it. I am therefore waiting to see who is going to join me or who is going to oppose me. Japan, England, France, these countries did not achieved their prosperity without integrity; that means they had to apply discipline, justice, law and order in their way of life. These are the prerequisites for prosperity; justice, righteousness is the only way to achieve prosperity.

    A Human: Problem

    Read_On The next question I ask is: can people really circumvent their collectivity. I know that some of us feel that they are getting away without paying the price for their collectivity. They feel that if they can identify themselves with a different legacy (country or collectivity) such as their parents or grand parents coming from Europe or the Middle East, they can escape the consequences for their own collectivity. They don’t have to associate themselves with the bad things associated with the homeland or the collective. I believe that they are fooling themselves; I feel that they are paying the price like everybody else, even if not directly, they are paying the price indirectly. They must still live their lives in the midst of the people they don’t want to identify themselves with; they must still live in the country that give birth to them; they still have to drive their cars in the filth, in the dirt road, breath the filthy air, wait for darkness to fall in their neighborhood at night to turn on their generators. Despites all effort to disassociate themselves from the collective which they are part of; they are still carry the burden for their collective failure. They are part of the collective, rather they deny it or not, they are Haitians.

    Who is: the Enemy?

    Levels_Of_Awareness There is only one enemy and the devil fools us all, pitching us against each other. However position we take or whatever side we align ourselves with, we still come short. We are affected in one way or the other by the collective. Why doesn’t the able side or the more capable Haitians take the bull by the horn so to speak and start investing in the welfare of the country. Instead of using the Haitian condition as a step stool to prop up their egos; they should embrace the needs of the collective. This is (an) impossibility, a mutually exclusive situation, because they don’t have an identity with the collective or the country to the Haitian people. They have no vested interest therefore the “laissez faire” mentality is adopted. It is easier to deny reality and hind behind (their dreams, their wishes) could have been or a want be reality. I assure you that they are fooling themselves or they let the devil fooled them. This is falsehood, a truth in revered, a lie concocted by the devil. They are as much Haitians; rather they identify themselves with the collective or not, they are part of the collective. Thou they adopt their mothers and fathers or their grand parents collectivity (homeland, country); they are still reaping the benefits of their own country, for good or bad rather they chose to affirm it or negate it.

    Exposing: the Works of Darkness

    Levels_Of_Awareness It is a question of identity, a question of self, and a false sense of identity? In conclusion, I want to say that as long as they have a place to hide; hiding behind their parents and grand parents countries of origins (collectives) they can afford to disassociate themselves with the country and with the collective, with Haiti. They are resorting differences between themselves and the rest of the collective, perpetuating the original sin of separation, doing the bidding of the devil. I say to them that it is a false view, a false notion, for no one is an island. They cannot live their lives in a bubble, isolated from the rest of the country or the collective. They must breath the same filthy air as the rest of us, drive their cars on dirt roads in the dark at night like the rest of us. They are paying the price one way of the other. The devil has fooled us all. They are still consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of better than. Had they accept their fate and embraced the short comings of their fellow Haitians, the country would have been in a different place, a better place for them and for the rest of us. What they failed to know is that our strength and power is not in separating ourselves from the weak but in embracing them.

    A World: to Come

    Zbob We are free creatures, we are gifted with the volited faculty, therefore capable of making choices. The future can be grim and bright to the Haitian people if the so chosen. “Here I put before you life and death, chose life” If we chose life, life will fallow us, but if we chose death, death we shall have. The stocks against us are many, we have much opposition to the blessing and the abundance of this world, but it is not impossible to overcome. Collectively we can still achieve prosperity and abundance as a people, even make history to be the first to change the laws that govern the collective. For the first time, blacks can partake in the abundance of this world, circumvent the forces of Negation that restrain them.

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